Can we have democracy and continued economic progress  
without respect for the truth,
without respect for individuals,
without respect for the law,
without even a basic knowledge and understanding of why
our government has worked so well?


We need to bring these things back to our schools, and take
the politics out.  

I urge the voters of Chula Vista Elementary School District,
where a mentality straight out of the 1600's has flourished
for many years, to replace Board Members Judd, Smith and
Cunningham with citizens who are not in anybody's pocket.

Maura Larkins  
Former student (in the 1950's) and teacher at Castle Park
Elementary School in Chula Vista Elementary School District
Can  we limit what students learn, and continue to progress economically?

Sure, for a while.  

But most countries realize that people who keep their noses to the
grindstone, without ever looking up,  are not likely to come up with brilliant
new ideas.  So the nations of the world send  their best and brightest
students to graduate schools in the United States, where students are
taught to think creatively.
If Americans discovered that democracy was harming our economic
progress, would we get rid of it?

In a heartbeat.
We keep our government because it made us the richest, strongest nation
in the world.  Freedom of thought results in economic progress.
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